Streamline Installment Agreements Offered Through The New IRS Fresh Start Programs:

Our professionals here at Spectrum Tax Relief can guide you through the maze of “Fresh Start” programs, eliminating the confusion. We ensure your protection and become your channel of communication between you and the IRS/State. We do all the time consuming leg work for you such as obtaining all your records, help you with any back tax filing, analyze your case for opportunities to remove or reduce penalties and the interest charged on those penalties, and negotiate the best possible tax resolution allowed by law.

If you qualify, we can negotiate long term plans with little to no income or asset documentation. In some plans, the total payments required will be less than your total outstanding balance due.

Get expert help today from an Enrolled Agent with penalty abatement and to file back tax returns.

Payroll 940/941 Cases – Civil Penalty – Trust Fund Recovery Penalty:

Revenue Officers are authorized to go out and assess and collect the unpaid payroll taxes if the quarterly payroll deductions (941s) and/or annual payroll deductions (940s) are not sent to the IRS. The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, which is sometimes called the Civil Penalty, is equal to 100% of the unpaid taxes held in trust. The IRS may go after anybody at the company that signed checks, or was in any sort of management or ownership position at the time. Even though you cannot bankrupt this type of tax, Spectrum Tax Relief utilizes several strategies that protect your assets, negotiate a reasonable tax resolution through either an installment agreement or an offer in compromise, and attempt to lower the penalties. Due to the complex nature of these cases, seeking professional help is highly recommended.

Audit Representation:

If you received an IRS Audit Notice or a State Audit Notice, you are entitled to proper legal representation to defend your Audit case. Do not try to take on the IRS or State Audit Examiners alone, sitting through perhaps hours and hours of an Audit exam. Here at Spectrum Tax Relief, we have Enrolled Agents ready to represent you.

High Dollar Cases:

Many of our high dollar cases are assigned to Revenue Officers, and take considerable amount of expertise and negotiating skills to provide the protection needed and the best possible resolution. Insist on having only licensed professionals represent you before the IRS. The IRS has tremendous collection powers at their disposal on these cases.

Do not try this alone – get help now.

Offers in Compromise – Settle for Less:

An Offer in Compromise is an agreement that allows you to settle for less, perhaps as little as 10-25%. In order to qualify for an offer-in-compromise, you must demonstrate that you cannot afford to repay the full amount through your assets and your (IRS) disposable cash flow. You may also be eligible for an offer-in-compromise if the IRS has made mistakes.

For extreme health hardships, there is also an Offer in Compromise. It is a long and technical process to have your application processed and the IRS accepts only 20-25 percent of Offer in Compromise applications annually. For this reason we recommend using only an experienced and licensed professional. Call and receive a free consultation with a licensed Enrolled Agent today. Let us show you all of the IRS available options and determine if the Offer in Compromise program is the right option for you and your situation.