How Truck Drivers Can Settle Their Back IRS Taxes in Simi Valley, CA

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If you are a truck driver in need of an experienced and reliable tax lawyer to fight the IRS for you and get your tax issues looked after, contact Spectrum Tax Relief Today. Our firm includes tax attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents with years of experience. We assist truckers all over the USA in getting their tax issues behind them.Numerous truck drivers may feel overwhelmed and over their heads when it concerns back tax debts they owe to the IRS. Spectrum Tax Relief is a specialist in helping truckers and owner operators battle the IRS and State taxing agencies and get those back tax problems off their backs at last. Choices that we specialize in are offer in compromise, installation agreements, back tax returns filled and penalty abatement.

Among the biggest needs we find a lot of truck drivers need when it comes to their taxes is for a good bookkeeper or accountant who can help them. Let’s face it. Keeping an eye on all those expenditures can be too time consuming for most hard working truck drivers.A few of the methods truck drivers can decrease the amounts they owe are through keeping an eye on deductions:

  • Capital and cost-of-goods expenses
  • Truck maintenance and repair costs
  • Mileage.
  • Union fees.
  • Communication and electronic gadgets and costs.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Permits and fees.
  • Personal expenditures.

Among the greatest problems we see is many owner/ operators in the trucking industry have a bad habit of not holding onto their tax documents. Without that documents you can’t refile your old returns correctly and get the optimum reductions possible. WE can assist you with that.

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Even worse the IRS might have already filed your tax returns for you! This can be really problem. If the IRS files your return with what’s called a Substitute Filing your back taxes are not filed in your benefit. In fact they’re submitted in the best interest of the IRS and will almost guarantee that you will owe money.If the IRS files your return for you, you will need to submit an amended return to prove that the IRS submitted your return wrong. But if you do not have the documents to support your refiled claim then you’re up the creek.

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How can you refile your claim when you do not have anything to back it up? Well, even if you don’t still have your records does not imply your company does not. Consult anybody you’ve done work for throughout the tax year in question. They’re most likely to have actually supported records of what you delivered, and maybe even how far you had to ship it. If you stayed at a hotel they might have records of your registry in your computer; particularly if that hotel is a routine stop for you. There are methods to a minimum of get a few of your back lawyer for truck drivers

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